Laconic Productions: Superimposition Podcast Six: Presented by Steve Panini
Featuring: Whiteberg's Return to Monsterland Album, Pianist Daniel Whiteberg, The Leonard Russolo Jazz Trio, Fashion Designer Christian Whiteberg and his Autumn Menswear collection.
Featured Tracks: Whiteberg: Whiteberg: Return to Monsterland album: On the Tip, Building a Camp, In the Bushes. How Long Must I Wait album: Nothing Much to Say. Daniel Whiteberg: Sonata No.3 in C Major, Toccata No.16. Leonard Russolo Jazz Trio: Take it on Ride, Word Play
Guests: Andy Pipe (Guest Interviewer), Herbert Dark, Joshua Moser, Karl Genzmer. Leonard Russolo, Eugene Bay, David Gob, Daniel Whiteberg, Christian Whiteberg.

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